Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paleo and addiction

As promised, I will discuss Paleo but I must confess I didn't re-start the program today.  I ate very healthy (well honestly I didn't eat much today because I was super busy) but I wasn't full Paleo.

Ok, so what is the Paleo diet?  There are a few nicknames but I believe the most common one is the Caveman diet.  It's been referred to as the healtiest diet and basically, if the cavemen didn't have it, neither can you.  Obviously in this day and age there are things we have that they didn't (i.e. olive oil) but for the most part your entire food intake consists of meats, veggies, and fruits. No grains, no dairy (yes no milk, butter, cheese, yogurt..NO dairy), no sugars, no fats (I know I'm saying no a lot).  You don't count your calories meaning if you love steak, you can eat three steaks but no baked potato, no sour cream, and no A1 sauce.  I know it sounds almost cruel but honestly, it really isn't that bad at all!

My sister found this diet and introduced it to me.  The first week was the hardest because I have two addictions, diet cherry pepsi and rice (I'm Asian remember?).  Our first week was focused on adapting to the new eating habits and I lost 4 pounds that week WITHOUT exercise, pretty sure it was all water weight but that's ok.  For meals we'd eat meats with veggies (oh you can't have corn either).  I became very close with sweet potatoes and pretty much had them in every way you can think of.  We started with a 30 day challenge and in the midst of this was my birthday which we spent in NYC.  Imagine being in fabulous NYC and not being able to eat what you want.  We thought it was going to be SO hard but NEITHER of us cheated the entire weekend and we ate out everyday.  It's amazing how your mind makes you think you're missing out on something when you diet but this isn't a normal diet.  We had the yummiest steak at a Cuban place, delicious fish at a mexican restaurant I never felt deprived.  Of course walking course walking the streets smelling pizza and whatnot wasn't my idea of heaven but again, I never felt hungry. 

The key thing to keep in mind if you want to try this is DEDICATION! You HAVE to be dedicated to this. And I know it sounds scary but if you make it through that first week, the rest will be a breeze.  We started with a 30 day challenge. unfortunately fell off the wagon but here's my testimony.  When I was living paleo, I felt GREAT! I had energy, I felt alive (sounds cliche I'm sorry), my mood was very happy, and my skin looked AMAZING, it was glowing.  Since I fell off the wagon, I'm lathargic, sad, and my skin isn't glowing anymore.   Basically you detox your body from all the artificial things they put in your common everyday food items and you start eating fresh.  I highly reccommend everyone to give it a try because I promise you, you'll be amazed with how you feel! Primarily mentally, your mood really does change and you find yourself happy.

This is an awesome website that explains it all and it's the site we used.   http://whole9life.com/   There are also amazing books with recipes out there and I'll start posting some of my favorites as well.  Give it a try, you'll thank me :)

Ok, personal note.  Tonight I did 23 minutes of taebo (my knee started locking on me) and then 35 on treadmill, worked up another good sweat, feeling fabulous.

Until next time!


  1. great blog! good luck and i cant wait to follow your journey xo

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  2. Thank you! And I will definitely read more of your blog when I'm not at work :)