Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's get physical

I hate exercising! Correction, I hate prepping to workout and getting myself motivated to do so.  After a long hard day at work I'd much rather relax and mindlessly watch bad TV versus changing into another outfit and torturing myself to at least 30 minutes of physical activity. 

Surprisingly, I have 2 favorite forms of self torture that are a lot of fun! Coming from me, that's saying a lot!   Neither of these feel like exercise to me because both are FUN!!!

My #1 choice is Spin Class-if you haven't tried this GO TRY IT!!!

I warn you that your first time will be tough and your butt will be sore but keep going to the classes regularly and the soreness will fade.  I didn't believe it either but after my first week, my bum was fine! The gym I take this class at turns off the lights and cranks up the music and you just get lost in your own world and work up a killer sweat.  If you find that this is a class that you want to take regularly, I suggest you purchase the following:
  • Padded seat cover -- some gyms have these for you to use but let's be real, who wants to use 
                                     something hundreds of people put their sweaty bums on? 
  • Padded bike shorts -- sounds like a lot of padding but again, you want to be comfortable
                                      and as you progress you'll find you won't need the padded shorts and are
                                      fine with just the padded seat cover.
  • Cycling Shoes --        these should only be purchased if you seriously plan to make this a regular form
                                     of exercise as a good pair of cycling shoes are not cheap.  I believe mine were
                                     $130.00, bought at a local cycling store.  Shop around though!!! These shoes
                                     are great because they clip into the pedal so you don't have to worry about
                                     your foot falling out of the pedal pocket and they also give you more of a
                                     workout.  This is an amazing investment!

My second favorite workout is the new TaeBo PT 247.  The reason why I like THIS program better than the previous ones is because they come with resistance bands.  I like feeling a burn when I workout because I know something is happening, if I can't feel it then I think I'm not doing something right and I start to talk myself out the activity altogether.  This program is awesome and you will burn up a great sweat!!!  It's not super expensive either, I found one for $50 on amazon, AND you can do this at home or anywhere really.  The bands don't connect to a door hinge, they connect to gloves that you wear (which are provided) and then strap to your feet so if you travel a lot this is something you can take with you.  I absolutely love this workout and I've seen results from it so I say, give it a try!!!

My weekend in NYC was great and therapeutic for my mind as I was able to spend 3+ hours walking the city on my own and enjoying the company of myself.  I love that city!! I really needed that time to myself to just clear my mind.  Of course today I'm tired but it was well worth it!  I'm worth the me time :)

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