Monday, July 16, 2012

First Blog, here we go!!!

One of my very best friends said that perhaps I should start a blog as means of keeping me motivated and getting thoughts out so they don't overwhelm me, so here I sit, writing my very first post.  FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!
I don't forsee anyone but those closest to me reading this, which I'm ok with as a girl just needs to get her mind clear sometimes and with the journey that I'm on right now, I'm sure there will be A LOT of clearing to do in the future.

The primary "topics" of this will be my journey of self discovery I guess you'd call it.  I should have discovered myself by now at the age of 36 but believe it or not I'm still learning about who Sarah is.  I've spent a good chunk of my life focused on others versus thinking about myself that now I'm FINALLY doing what's best for ME.  I think the most amazing thing that has come from this so far is seeing who my real friends are.  I like knowing the people in my life that are my TRUE friends and love me 110% versus those who only had me as a friend to fit THEIR needs.  Those days are over!

Weight loss, the two most dreaded words in the english language.  Yes, I am on that journey as well.  In a nutshell (and pictures will be provided in the near future), the best way to describe my body is simple.  Picture a nice round orange, now place two toothpicks on the bottom of said orange and VOILA there is Sarah!   Oh you can also add two toothpicks for arms too for the FULL effect.  Also place long black hair and glasses and then you have the real me.  That is my body, I have nice legs, not too shabby arms (can use toning and fat melting), but the middle is where I get super messy! Or as my sister calls if, chubbly wubbly.  So I'll be documenting the journey from being pretty but fluffy to down right sexy. And of course I'm sure I'll end up talking about other things as well, but de-chubbling will be the number one.  I must maintain focus, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in less than 4 months, no more excuses!!

Pictures will come soon!


  1. Just wanted to tell you I already love your blog. It's honest and real. 36(yrs) is a magical number. I'm finding being 36yrs, that I finally feel free to be who I should of been all my life.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Oh wow thank you!!! I'm surprised someone who doesn't know me actually read it :) I appreciate your feedback :)

  3. Congrats on starting a blog! Sarah can be uber persuasive, can't she ;)

    Sending huge kudos and tons of support during your weight loss journey. I am (hopefully) nearing the end of my "two most dreaded words" journey. I've yo-yo'd for YEARS and the past two years I've made a goal to not only lose, but lose healthy and lose for life. Learning to sustain and all that jazz. I currently have hit a brick wall and I'm trying to figure out how to get over the last hurdle.

    I can't wait to read more about your journey!


  4. HAHA yes she can but I have to say she's right, this has been a great outlet for me.

    OMG I saw the pics from your PA visit and I wouldn't guess you yo-yo. I LOVED that dress you were rocking!! Someday I'll have the guts to wear stripes and bright/bold colors like that :)