Monday, July 30, 2012

My Favorite Place in the World

I really need to be better about blogging but honestly, I haven't had anything interesting to say.  I hate to admit that I've been feeling down lately and I blame the heat and humidity for that.  Today is a new day though and this week I'll do my best to get rid of this stupid funk that's been crippling me.

Two weekends ago I got to spend time in my favorite city, New York City.  I absolutely LOVE this city!! I love the energy! I love how no matter what time it is, it never feels late.  I arrived late Friday or early Saturday around 12am and when I stepped outside onto the street outside Penn Station there were people everywhere walking and it felt as though it was 8pm.  I love how there are so many places to see and as a psych major, I really enjoy people watching and NYC is not short of people that's for sure! 

Saturday I spent the day to myself and had some MUCH NEEDED me time.  I took a walk to Central Park, grabbed a coffee and sat on a bench just losing myself in the environment and clearing my head.  I must admit that one of the things I enjoy about NYC is seeing the different clothes women wear.  So many different styles and all are beautiful.  After Central Park I walked over to The Sullivan Theatre to get a picture for my father (Big Letterman fan) and in front there was a mini market type thing going on.  I could have spent so much money there on jewelry alone but I was strong and refrained.  After 3 hours I decided it was time to head back to the hotel room and relax.  I didn't realize I was walking around that long! Thankfully the weather was beautiful!

Later that night I decided to meet up with a friend I knew from Ohio at a bar in Chelsea, but of course with it being my last night I decided I'd walk over to Time Square to see it at night.  So amazing, and SOOOOO many people!!! Normally I would be annoyed with how packed it was, but I was in NYC baby, in Time Square how could I be annoyed?!?! After that I sat at Bryant Park for a bit then headed over to Chelsea.  It was great spending time with an old friend but seeing I had to travel the next day I didn't pull a late night.

I cannot wait to go back to NYC and one of my rewards for reaching my goal will be a shopping weekend trip there with one of my best, and fashion guru, friends.  I'm so excited for that!

I love this artwork! Curvy is beautiful!

I thought I looked super cute so of course I took a pic of myself :)

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