Monday, August 27, 2012

Pamper your bling

I have a bunch of jewelry, more than I knew I had and the collection continues to grow (THANKS A LOT CHARMING CHARLIES).  My dilemma was storing it all because I keep adding new pieces. 
I set out one day to find materials to make something myself but wasn't 100% on what I'd do.  I remember reading various ideas online but again, I needed to find something that was ME. 

So I ventured out and found these two items at Bed, Bath, and Beyond
$39.99 Towel Bar (I didn't buy the circular ones)  Bed, Bath, & Beyond

$6.99 Silverware drawer organizer  Bed, Bath, & Beyond
 The bottom of the silverware organizer is meshed with various holes and I thought, this would be PERFECT for my earrings.

Here is the outcome, sorry for the lighting in the pictures but my bedroom is in a weird "lighting" area :)
Towel bar and shower hooks I found at a local store  (Eiffel Tower is a jewelry holder my sister bought for me because I have a huge love for Paris, it HAD to stay)

Silverware organizer hung backwards against wall, PERFECT for some earrings and the top I use for some bracelets and rings

Another necklace shot

As my collections expands I'll need more space but for now, this is perfect because I can add the extra shower rings to the bar. When I make my next DIY jewelry holder I'm going to try the corkboard/fabric idea I've seen buzzing around online...just need more wall space!

Have a great Monday!

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